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Asia Gaming

In 2012 Asia Gaming was founded to provide the following online experiences:

  • VIP Private Room
  • Interactive Bid
  • Squeeze Baccarat
  • Pre-dealing 6 Cards
  • IntelliMode Baccarat

Asia Gaming

These are game lobby features that enhance live online casinos. The VIP private rooms allow players full control over aspects of the game such as having a deck shuffled or a dealer changed whenever they want. They can also control the speed at which a game takes.

AG Baccarat players are able to squeeze their cards and those participating in games of Roulette can bet on multiple games at once, thanks to the features Asia Gaming provides.

Poker players have the option of participating in games of Bull Bull and Dragon Tiger. Bull Bull is a very popular Asian version of the game and anyone can learn how to play it. Dragon Tiger is also popular among online gamblers.

In addition to providing online games for casinos the company also has designed games for mobile devices. Using an Android or Apple device, gamblers can access the IntelliMode Baccarat feature. It is especially popular among VIP players at online casinos. Using HTML5 has allowed Asian Gaming to provide superior mobile entertainment to busy gamblers. Even live dealer games can be accessed on mobile devices.

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