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Fishing World

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Fishing world – get underwater fishing experience with this game

Fishing games are quite interesting because they offer a totally different theme. Fishing world game is inspired from aquatic world. The lake shown in this game is extremely beautiful. One will go to see around three hundreds aquatic creatures in this peaceful lake. Besides this, here is complete information about it:

  • Terrifying aquatic monsters - Well, every game has some villains and in this one these monsters play this role. Besides this, the game includes numbers of lakes and each one of them has separate stories. So, in each level you will go to play different tasks and challenges.
  • Earn prestige - What a game without challenges? When you catch fishes in this game then you will get some reward in return of it. You will reactive these pries daily or weekly. Also, game offer competition which create more excitement and interest. You can also have your own team and can compete against other team.
  • Find hidden secrets - The secrets of this lake will be revealed when you play this game. You have to figure out the secret and save the innocent fishes in of the fish world. This secret helps you to know the exact place where theses hideous monsters live. You have to hunt down these down these fishes but keep in mind that locations keep on changing.

How to play fish world game?

The game play is really easy and with excellent control modes, it is just amazing. Besides this, here is its step:

  • You will go to see a reel when you start the game. Then you have to click on it but mouse button should be hold by you.
  • Now drag the mouse button down. While doing this, make sure that you will do it very fastly so that you can score more.
  • When you reel it then go for the full speed and when you come down then slow down its speed.
  • Besides this, you have to take care about the line tensions. It can be low and high. So, if it is low then move the reel really very fast and reverse in the opposite case.
  • You need to practice a little as how to use the reel perfectly? After it, you are ready to hunt the fishes.

How fun to play in the game?

The game is so addictive and its graphics are just out of the box. This game is full of fun because the game concept is unique.

  • Beautiful creatures are a part of this game. You will see a colorful fish poses different skills which help you to hunt the lake monster.
  • Like other fish hunter game, its excellent favorite makes this game one of a kind. You can switch to different modes in this game.
  • Besides this, with regular updating you will see new and different things each time.

Fishing world game makes you love all such type of game. So, play them and get a good time pass game in your mobile phone.

Game Rules :

  • This is a game that provided several times odds of boom and 30 types of fish.
  • The player selects the times of odds, focus the target, and then shoot it.
  • More booms are shot on the same fish, more chances you will catch it in the same odds.
  • When the fish is caught, player will gain the scores by the times of fish and boom.
  • When the boom hit the frame, it will reflex and continue till the fish is shot.
  • Double clicking the fish, it will be focused. And the boom will auto-adjusted by the site of the fish.
  • When the target fish is caught, the rest boom will not be reflexed when it hit the frame.
  • When you shoot the boom, it will be deducted the money in your account.
  • In case there is a connection error or any interruptions due to the technical issues, which resulted player unable to continue the game, coins will be settled based on the last balance that captured in the system. RTP rate is 95%~97%.
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